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Chat Notes May 6

Have lunch with a friend in the park….. you could sit on two different benches
Try to focus on thinking one day at a time
Take a piece of paper and with colorful markers and write the names of all the people that you care about and that you could reach out to, where you put your attention that grows
Write a gratitude list with colorful markers and refer to that
Journaling can be extremely gratifying
Adult coloring pages
Practicing gratitude is great way to cause a mental shift
Write a letter
“A room with a view” facebook group, people all over the world posting pictures of what it looks like out of their windows, interesting way to connect with people and get a different perspective
Pulling cars into a circle and talking over the phone, that way you can see people while you are talking to them
Drive in movies
Think about your intention for the day, think about something you would like to achieve or gain from today and think about one or two things you can do to accomplish that

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