Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Group

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidenced-based behavioral therapy that teaches parents child-centered play therapy techniques and strategies to manage undesired behaviors. PCIT treatment is most effective for children ages 2 and ½ to 7 years old who have difficulty regulating their emotions. PCIT may be a good fit for your family if your children are experiencing difficulty listening, difficulty following directions, regulating emotions, frequent temper tantrums, constantly seeking attention or hyperactivity.

PCIT occurs in two phases. CDI (Child Directed Interaction) is the first phase that aims to strengthen the relationship between parent and child. In CDI, parents are trained to use PRIDE techniques to engage in child-centered interactions. Through positive communication, praise, and side-by-side child-led play, PRIDE skills enhance the parent-child relationship. Following the completion of the PRIDE skills component in CDI, parents will move on to the second phase of treatment, Parent Directed Interaction therapy (PDI). As part of PDI, parents learn strategies for managing their child’s undesired behaviors. To decrease undesirable behaviors, parents will learn how to give effective commands and develop a consistent and predictable time-out routine.

Currently, CCG provides PCIT via tele-health. Parent-child interaction therapy lends itself well to virtual sessions because it allows the therapist to observe the interactions between parents and their children in their natural environment. Certified PCIT clinicians are the only professionals that should be delivering PCIT services. The average length of treatment is 12-16 weeks. Often, parents begin to notice changes within the first phase of treatment.

Claudia Camargo is a certified PCIT therapist and specializes in treating young children. Using the PCIT approach, Claudia coaches parenting skills that promote enhanced communication, increased cooperation, and emotion regulation in children.

Claudia’s PCIT group is designed for parents with children ages 0-7. Through 6-10 group sessions, Claudia will teach parents how to apply PCIT skills at home with their children. Additionally, she will help parents understand how to set limits in a positive way, without rupturing attachment with their children.

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