Emily Rizzo

Emily Rizzo, LCPC/LPC, she/her/hers
Gender Identity Therapy, LGBTQ Counseling, Relationships Therapy

Affiliated Therapist:

For the last ten years, Emily Rizzo has worked with teenagers, adults, and families as a counselor/therapist. Emily is passionate about providing LGBT counseling, working with the LGBTQ population along with genderqueer, non-binary, & genderfluid people, interracial relationships, and individuals in non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships. During her career, Emily has worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, people of color, and helped clients with depression, anxiety, self-motivation, trauma, self-harm, grief, familial relations, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual/relationship needs, communication in relationships, understanding their identity, and self-integration.

Along with individual therapy, Emily provides couples and family therapy and has experience working with families who have been through the foster care system, adoption, and with parents of teens in a wilderness/partial hospitalization/intensive out-patient program. Emily’s experience with counseling people who have trauma lead her to an Advanced Trauma Certification through the Lisa Ferentz Institute in 2017. In 2015, Emily began her journey in extensively learning DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and incorporates this skill-work into her sessions. She is also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

A certified yoga teacher from Skyhouse Yoga Studio in Silver Spring, Emily believes in incorporating healing movement and breath work into sessions. Emily is a proud member of Maker’s Lab DC (founded by Lee Livingston Perine) which builds and supports queer communities by creating spaces that celebrate life, art, and queer culture.

Counseling is helpful during a hard time and can be something we come back to when we need support or a tune-up. Self-care is a daily act and Emily’s belief is that counseling can help jump start our self-care routine. We all deserve to be heard, to understand our feelings, and to speak our truth.

Emily Rizzo
To book an appointment with Emily Rizzo, email [email protected] , or call us at 301-742-2282.