Individual Therapy

The Counseling Center of Maryland® provides individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, phase-of-life issues, and more. We recognize that everyone can feel overwhelmed or stuck at times, and we offer a variety of techniques to help clients of all ages through those difficult moments. Together, we will work towards symptom relief, crisis resolution (when applicable), and meaningful change. Our goal is to help you gain new perspectives so that you can feel more empowered, self-confident, and satisfied in your relationships with yourself and others.

Individual therapy can help you feel empowered and satisfied in your relationships by providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore and understand your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through individual therapy, you can gain greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and develop healthier coping strategies for managing difficult emotions and situations. You can also learn how to identify and change unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought that may be hindering your relationships, such as codependency, attachment anxiety, or emotional avoidance. By addressing these underlying issues, you can improve the quality and satisfaction of your relationships and feel more empowered in your interactions with others.

Our goal is to assist you in making long-lasting, positive changes in your life. At CCM, we have expertise in addressing anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, relationship and family issues, job stress, autism, and major life transitions. The goal of individual therapy is to help the individual better understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to develop healthier ways of coping with life’s challenges.  We provide a validating environment for all our clients with an emphasis on real change to help you achieve your goals. We seek to validate your feelings and emotions: This means acknowledging and accepting your emotions without judgment. We hope that this helps you feel heard and understood. One of our primary goals is to create a space where you feel comfortable expressing yourself without fear of being judged or criticized. We do this by encouraging self-exploration and supporting your autonomy by recognizing that you have the right to make your own decisions and choices while also offering guidance and support when needed.  

The majority of our work is short-term, enabling you to see shifts in your life immediately. Our therapists will support, guide, and sometimes even challenge you while providing actual tools for sustainable change. Tools and strategies for sustainable change that you may encounter in sessions at CCM include cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, emotional regulation, or interpersonal skills training. Our therapists will provide guidance and support as you learn and implement these tools, and will help you identify and overcome any obstacles or challenges that may arise.

At CCM, we strive to provide an environment that allows you to feel accepted, understood, and supported in your  journey towards self-improvement and growth. Through regular therapy sessions at CCM, you can develop the skills and insights needed to make lasting positive changes in your life.