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Chat Notes May 15

When you notice a judgement, just say to yourself “oh there’s a judgement” and come back to the present moment, over time if you do this practice your judgments will decreased significantly, come back to the present moment, look around and ground yourself by noticing the color of the walls or the floor etc
Also use this practice for future based thoughts
Think of your mind like a puppy, think how many times it takes to teach puppy basic commands, it is the same with your mind, bringing your mind back from getting overly involved in thoughts of all kinds (judgments thoughts of the future or the past) is the skill we are trying to cultivate so that in time we are less reactive to the stimuli all around us
Prayer, setting your intention and reminding yourself of what you are grateful for are great ways to start your day off on the right foot, exercise
Having a good morning starts the night before, sleep hygiene
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