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Chat Notes May 4

It’s ok to wallow sometimes, it’s ok to just survive sometimes and not put that happy face on,
what do you need to comfort yourself for a little while? it’s ok to do that
It’s hard to always work towards a state of positivity sometimes it’s ok to just sit with what is
Showing up when you aren’t feeling great is an act of strength
Set a time limit for wallowing…. I get to wallow from 6-7 for example
We need to feel our feelings but we don’t need to allow the emotion to take the driver’s seat indefinitely
Showing your emotions can be helpful for kids, you don’t always have to show up as the strong one
If you need to release some emotions and you don’t know how, go to your bedroom and set a timer for three minutes, beat your bed with the pillow for three minutes, when timer goes off immediately start journalist, this will really help to release emotions
when elements of our life are not longer there we question our identity; this is an opportunity for renewal and reinvention
Reading recommendations:
Falling into Grace
The untethered soul
Victor Frankl, Man’s search for meaning

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