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Chat Notes May 13

If you are having an anxiety attack put ice pack around your eyes and hold your breath for a few seconds, will activate the parasympathetic nervous system to calm you down
Lavender or eucalyptus oils can help as well
Practice self compassion in regard to your anxiety and know that you are not alone
If you are having a conflict with someone, before you confront them about it, it’s a good idea to practice loving kindness before hand towards yourself and others…. This helps set your intention and allows you to focus on what you are trying to express rather than what you are trying to get from them in the interaction
Examples of a loving kindness meditation:
When people dismiss your feelings thinking that you are ok, it’s often because they are unable to meet you where you are, more about them then it is about you
When you tell others that they are strong and can handle this it can be the opposite of comforting, at the time when they most need company you arent’ giving it
Crying can be a wonderful release of stress and anxiety

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