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Chat Notes April 8

Remembering other hard times you’ve been through in your life can provide comfort and hope to us that we will get through this too
This is an opportunity to really feel our feelings and not distract ourselves with so many to do list items and being constant busy
We are biologically programmed to avoid discomfort, touch a hot stove and we recoil, it’s the same with uncomfortable feelings, we go to being busy to avoid emotions,
Accepting ones vulnerability is a sign of strength as is showing up as you authentically are
It important to acknowledge our feelings and thoughts but not necessarily feed them
be careful with who you are vulnerable; some people may be weeded out of our circle and that’s ok
Most times people just need a listener not necessarily a problem solver
When we are in a situation like this where so much of this is out of our control, we may start to have conflicts in our lives with the things we can control because our focus is now more on these areas, we may start to have conflicts in our personal relationships
Putting up rainbow drawings in the window, or white lights is an activity that helps bring the community together, a small gesture but so important

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