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Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 4/15/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Remember that feelings are like waves, they come and go
You can start your day over at any time
When we make ourselves vulnerable and let other people know, it connects us to each other
Connection with nature is so healthy for us, brings us into an awareness of the here and now
What works for one person in relieving stress and anxiety does not necessarily work for all, it’s not a one size fits all thing
Share a music playlist or a playlist of comedy bits to share with others to connect
Scheduling a call with a friend or family members is comforting and helps to structure time and have something to look forward to
Send a text to let someone know you are thinking about them, if time is short for you ,call the person you want to support while you are doing something else like cooking dinner
Correct people with love, especially those who are trying to shame others who may have become ill
Demonstrating acts of kindness is a great way to remind others that we are indeed all in this together, opportunity be a great human being

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