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Chat Notes April 13


Be grateful for the little things
Break big tasks down into small tasks, set a timer for a small increment of time, this will help you to start somewhere,
taking a before and after picture of your task is very reinforcing and gratifying
Put your phone on airplane mode for a little while if you are feeling sensory overload, technology holiday
Meditation helps center us, that frenzied state is not productive at all
Call family and friends and connect with them about something else besides the corona virus, about cooking or the pets, etc.
Progressive or paired muscle relaxation techniques or meditations can help you to learn the difference in feeling when your muscles relaxed versus tensed, helpful if you can’t sleep
Keep a pen and paper by the bed, if you can write down your thoughts it may help you feel like you’ve released them
Its empowering to sit with an urge and not act on it especially when it comes to stress eating, builds up that mental muscle or that resistance

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