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Chat Notes April 3

*When we are having a hard time sleeping it’s often because our mind is spinning, Insight timer app, helps for sleepless, helps turn your attention elsewhere, Calm app, sleep stories, before sleep meditations, you can even turn those apps on in the middle of the day to initiate a relaxed response
*It’s important to draw healthy boundaries in terms of taking care of self and others, Parable of the two wolves, where you put your attention is what will grow and flourish
*It’s important to figure out what amount of news is right for you, the sensationalism of the news doesn’t necessarily match what’s happening
*realize that the roller coaster of emotion is going to be there, try out a different coping skill that you don’t necessarily use, live stream yoga classes, insight meditation community of Washington, signing petitions or reaching out to elected representatives, take in daily dose of comedy, music watching live performances, craft projects, dance party, play with dogs or other pets, weighted blanket-texture and pressure
*when you start feeling overwhelmed you are most often thinking about the future, try to ground yourself in those moments by bringing awareness to your immediate surroundings, helps you to be in the moment and stay in the present
RESOURCE LINKS:– petitions and things to do to make a difference.

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