Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 4/24/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Free Chat Notes April 24

Setting boundaries between work and leisure time, set alarms for the beginning and end of work day
Schedule days off
Ask for the things you need without apology, you could be working too much because you feel guilty for having a job when so many are unemployed
Make a sign that says “self care and thrive” as opposed to “don’t crash and burn”
If you focus on what you aren’t supposed to do that is what you will create
Use your time off so you can work optimally
Don’t just do something, sit there
Between stimulation and response there is a pause, and in that space there is choice for response and freedom- Victor Frankl
Shift from a “yes ….but” to a “yes ….and,” you can hold both, yes other people are suffering more then me and my pain is real
“You don’t have to be hopeful about the future, just curious about what’s coming”
If you are taking care of yourself you are able to be there for others

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