Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 4/20/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Free Chat Notes April 20

Risk assessment for different set of friends can be different, try not to go to a place of judgement, we have the power make our decisions accordingly on how we interact with them
Don’t take it personally if people cross the street to get further away from you
Continue to remind yourself that this will eventually be over, there will be a time when the number of cases significantly lowers, life will go back to somewhat normal. This isn’t going to be forever
Try to avoid future based thoughts, only this moment exists and we do have control how we move forward, try not to spend too much time in the future, just acknowledge it and bring yourself back to the here and now
Being in the moment will drop your anxiety tremendously
If you wait until you have the motivation to do something you may never do it, when you make yourself do it only then will you want to do it more….. motivation will follow action as strange as that seems
In conflicts with others, try to have limited expectations for the outcomes and focus on what you want to express

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