Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 4/10/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Chat Notes April 10

Keep hope in your heart that this is not going to last forever
Know that other people are in the same boat, most all single people are struggling right now, missing human touch
Continue to fill in your planner with activities: ie: clean out drawer, exercise, fill in with small projects etc.
To just be in the world now there is emotional toll that were not even aware of, like a tab or program running in the background sapping our energy and stamina
Anxiety bell curve: Anxiety can help us be more productive for a short amount of time but after a certain level anxiety dramatically decreases our productivity
When dealing with interpersonal problems with spouse or other, allow yourself to just be in that ambivalent place, you don’t need to necessarily fix it right now, just be in that awareness

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