Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 4/1/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Chat Notes April 1

*It’s ok to be outside and it’s necessary for your mental health as well as to break up the day
*Try to do things that bring you joy, crafts etc.
*introverts, check up on your extrovert friends!
*It’s ok to experience the discomfort of these times without having to change it into positive all the time
*There’s no right or wrong in how to deal with this, you are exactly where you need to be…. Allow that!
*one step, minute, day at a time
*access to a variety of online yoga classes is a huge positive right now, access to teachers and classes that ordinarily are far away or otherwise inaccessible.
*cut yourself some slack right now, its ok to be lazy and/or take a nap
*don’t judge your judging, when you notice yourself judging have some self compassion and just bring yourself back
*Figuring out the right balance/amount of news for you is really important
*NY Times newsletter subscription, everyday sent to your mailbox with the COVID update first thing in the morning, read the updates daily and then move on with your day. Good way to keep informed of what’s going on daily without increasing anxiety with non stop repetitive news
*This is a great opportunity to realize how much the small day to day things meant to us
*Below is a link to resources supplied by a participant:

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