Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/30/20 Free Chat with CCM

Chat Notes March 30

*Focus on not feeding sources of negativity and nastiness while still having your voice heard
*Remember that a lot of the nastiness comes from fear, shame=blame
*Remember that people are doing the best that they can
*Be available to your children as a playmate, this way you can give your kids that social connection that they need while keeping them safe
*When kids know what the boundaries are it brings kids a sense of safety
*Validate your children’s feelings while at the same time sharing how you are keeping yourselves safe
*Sometimes anxiety is expressed as anger and irritability
*Asking other people about their ideas around social distancing, approaching them with a sense of curiosity rather then judgment is helpful for positive relationships
*Remember that feelings come and go like waves
*Cut yourself some slack on the self judgments, the decrease in structure in our daily lives is making us less productive, we are just getting used to this
*When we feel anxious we become more controlling, try to sit with your emotions and not try to do something all the time
*Our perspective is everything on how we experience our current environment, we are getting used to a new way to live not just enduring this and waiting for this to be over
*lets try to find a balance between feeling our feeling and emotional awareness and accomplishing/achievement mindsets
*take things a step at a time, stay in the present moment, not in the future

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