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Chat Notes April 27

*Focusing on the little things in life that we appreciate is helpful in dealing with the frustrations of this time
*This time is difficult for extroverts, they must create opportunities to connect online
*When others are constantly spouting a lot of negativity they are most likely very afraid, start by validating them and their feelings and gently suggest a different topic of conversation
*find connection with that negative friend in humor, memes or funny you tube videos
*focus on things that give you moments of pleasure, however small, making cookies, going on a grocery run for an elderly neighbor, taking photos of nature
*staying positive all the time is really difficult, give yourself permission and a chance to feel your feelings, helps you get through them and on to something more positive
*remember that you have control over the faucet of news, there are times when you have to reduce it, it’s not necessary to hear it all day every day, remember moderation, be intentional of your consumption of the media
*Ask yourself if your emotional response “fits the facts” are you responding to the actual facts or an interpretation of the facts?? Sometimes anger is a warranted response!
*Take this time to focus on what’s important to you, take walks outside with your family for instance, focusing on time makes it pass very very slowly
*we can look at events like this as an opportunity for reset, what do we want to really focus on in our lives, we can come out of this stronger an more cognoscenti of how we want to move forward in the future
*when you have paranoid thoughts, label your thoughts as thoughts, have awareness of the fact that these are not your identity, just thoughts, this creates separation from the thoughts
*give yourself love and compassion
*In relationships with others, romantic or otherwise, remember what’s best for you and put that first
*Instead of blocking someone online have an honest and open adult conversation about boundaries

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