Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/25/20 Free Chat with CCM

Chat Notes March 25

-dreary weather, feeling more cooped up
-use light box
-Take a drive? Since the weather is bad
-thinking to yourself about what you are going to do with the whole day is too overwhelming, chunking
-trend of having so many things we want get done, then getting nothing done
-one person getting motivated in your friend group has the affect of motivating others
-free downloadable journal on CCM website, this will help raise the baseline of your general mood, includes self care, meditation, acts of kindness, a book we give to our clients you can download for free
-in journaling its ok to have griping, but what you focus on you will get
-When we have structure we have a way of getting everything done, it ok to not be so productive
-If you have to always be doing things you run away from your feelings, its hard to sit with your feelings
-what we are all going through is much like the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance and finally finding meaning and focusing on that
-When you are feeling anger and frustration it’s important that you accept that and self validate and have compassion for yourself and others
-Lets stock up on our compassion for others instead of just toilet paper!!!
How to deal with children with depression and anxiety
-validation, giving them an opening to express how they feel
-try not to problem solve, just validate “Yeah, I get it, this is really hard.”
-they just want to be heard
-reinforce what they are doing well, then you can slowly expand on that, “I’m really glad you came out to eat with us”
-anxiety often comes out as anger, and irritability
-give yourself compassion in dealing with the children, forgive yourself that you are not always going to react in the best and most balanced way
-hug don’t fix
-let go of what you can’t control, pick one or two things that you can control and focus on that
-non-judgement of people traveling or going out into the community can be really hard
Looking at life with a new sense of gratitude
-Spending time with family, dinner, movie time
-Also looking back at the challenges of life with a sense of gratitude, because they really made life rich and interesting
-Gratitude for zoom, wife giving piano lessons over zoom, this platform really opens up the world
-Very helpful to talk to others via zoom and realizing that you aren’t the only one that’s scared, realizing that everyone is having the same struggles
-instagram stories are a great way to connect with others, celebrities and musicians, artists
Think about something you did when you were little that gave you great joy, and do that
How to support community
-Giving a waiter or waitress doing curbside delivery a good tip
-Paying for services in advance
-Checking in on friends and offering help
-There is nothing that lifts our spirits more then helping someone else
-The amount of benefit it gives to you as well as the other person is very significant
-The power of saying thank you is amazing
-Everyone has something they can do to make this better
-Think of one thing you could do, random act of kindness
-Picking up trash in the neighborhood,
-You have a choice of how to react for instance, for example, trash in the neighborhood, you could see it and be angry about it or you can be the change and take the initiative to do something about it
-Sewing masks

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