Mindfulness in Setting Boundaries | Notes From 6/15/2020 Free Chat with CCM

DESCRIBE the situation without using any judgmental language, use only facts, things that are actually observable. EXPRESS how you feel. ASSERT what you want. REINFORCE if you do this. KEY POINT is to maintain your position if they get defensive or change the subject. You do so by repeating the assert statement over and over again.

Having a “content diet” of being mindful of what you take in, which can be hard because everyone wants to be an informed, educated individual, but at the same time you want to protect yourself from all that toxicity.

We can’t self-monitor all of our thoughts but we can choose to shift when we catch ourselves continuing a stream of fear-based thoughts.

We should try to stay in our own lanes, but also be aware of when other people swerve into your lane and don’t be afraid to reinforce your boundaries

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