Addressing Different Mindsets | Notes From 6/10/2020 Free Chat with CCM

40Plus is a nonprofit organization out of Dupont Circle that serves as a resource to people over 40 seeking employment and career transitions. When you are interacting with people who have differing mindsets and moods, don’t try to fix their mood. Instead, deescalate the situation by acknowledging how they are feeling is their truth. When we are able to honor and accept the truths of both sides, we are able to have a better conversation.

Sometimes we resist rolling with how things are going and try to focus on what others should be doing differently. People want to address their fears and anxieties by trying to control others. However, this lack of control over others negatively affects us. Instead, try practice mindfulness and shift your mindset and let things happen and affect you in the moment.

Graphic Zoom Social Connection 6/10/2020

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