Mindfulness in the Mayhem | Notes From 6/3/2020 Free Chat with CCM

We want to practice Mindfulness- when we feel ourselves getting overwhelmed or our thoughts getting derailed, take deep breaths and bring yourself back to the moment. Incorporating meditation into your routine, even just two minutes, will improve your ability to notice your thoughts and bring them back.

Picture a straight line, where above the line, you are open and willing to learn, and below the line, you are closed and righteous. As you navigate new experiences, it’s important to think about where you are in relation to the line so you know how to address each situation.

“Low information diet”- limiting the amount of news feeds you look at so you can stay informed, while still giving yourself a break from how overwhelming the news is.

DBT involves a skill called “stop” when you use mindfulness to notice when you are in an “emotion mind” – where emotions are dictating your behavior. During this state of mind, when we act on action urges, we tend to make situations worse. We want to have both emotion and reason in our behavior.

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