Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 5/29/2020 Free Chat with CCM

Free Chat Notes May 29

All you can control is yourself, we have the total ability and right to do that, and the key is to trust yourself. Continuously remind yourself that you will always have this.
We want to remain emotionally connected without being overwhelmed by our feelings. Be aware and let yourself feel in increments, carry some of it without bringing it all on. Feelings are bodily functions, although we talk about them in ways that are thoughts not emotions. In order to dip into how you feel, notice the sensations and allow them without trying to make it go away.
In order to manifest, you have to focus on things that you want. We live around our fears and what we don’t want, so when that happens, notice it and switch over to thinking about what you do want
We tend to get caught up in the “why” we feel a certain way, but insight is overrated. In order to make change, you need to focus on shifting your mindset.

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