Being Comfortable with Our Anxiety – Notes from 6/26/20 Free Chat with CCM

Instead of talking yourself out of your anxiety, welcome it in and sit with it, you’ll notice it’s uncomfortable but it will dissipate and you can tolerate it.

Make a shift from the things you can’t do, to the things you can do. There are so many people during this time that have found the ability to get back to basics, like board games, coloring, or puzzles- things we just stopped doing.

We have told ourselves we can’t tolerate our own thoughts and feelings and so we distract ourselves with all of these things. The good news is that it’s a lie, but the bad news is we believe the lie.

In general you can’t reason with unreasonable people but we keep trying because we get caught up with how we think they should be. When we are able to have strong levels of perspective-taking skills, which translates to a high level of emotional intelligence, you can take a step back and understand why they think the way they do.

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