What is Mindfulness?

Person Meditating At Sunrise

Becoming mindful is to realize that you are NOT your thoughts. You are simply the one OBSERVING them
You may have heard of a new practice called mindfulness and are wondering what it is. It is the practice of paying attention in a sustained and particular way on purpose, in the present moment. It can be practiced by taking some time formally every day or by practicing it in every aspect of your waking life naturally. It is a time to see things for what they are by observing thoughts, sensations in the body, and emotions in an impartial and neutral way.
In our ever busy lives we can go through the motions and we often forget why we do the things we do.
This is where mindfulness comes in and can help improve your quality of life.
Often times our thoughts can rule our lives. Having awareness of our thoughts can provide some balance and perspective so that this isn’t the case. Mindfulness helps one explore the journey and the process in life, as opposed to being overly focused and worried about an outcome and getting wrapped up in the details.
Mindfulness can also help people who are self-critical and often place blame on themselves.
Being more present in the moment can help promote greater patience, kindness, acceptance, and compassion towards oneself and others. Mindfulness skills and tools also help to overcome dualistic all-or-none thinking. This practice encourages greater fulfillment in daily life by focusing more on the present moment, and by reducing rumination and negative thoughts, as well as anxiety about the future.
One of the biggest benefits of mindfulness is learning to not take our thoughts personally.
It is a big step toward reclaiming our lives when we realize that, no matter what their content, good, bad, or ugly, we do not have to take our thoughts personally. We do not have to believe them. We do not have to even think of them as “ours”. Mindfulness can help you live your best life.

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