We Can’t Control Others | Notes from 7/8/20 Free Chat with CCM

We try to control our environment and when it’s in the form of problem solving and true evidence-based things that make sense, it could be really effective. When we use it as a way to avoid our emotions and try to control things, we end up shutting down our emotions and it makes things worse than they were.

People want to address their fears by trying to control others. Surrender to the fact we can’t control what other people do, but we can control our own actions and we must own our truths.

It can be difficult to live with someone who is in a higher risk position, but work to set reasonable expectations for both of you given what’s going on. Instead of focusing on every detail and allowing yourself to stay in your fear-based thoughts, work towards a control piece while being more open and mindful of the other person’s position.

We need to balance out our relationships with our self-respect by creating boundaries. Practice being comfortable creating and following through with the boundaries we set for ourselves.

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