Reassessing Boundaries | Notes from 7/22/20 Free Chat with CCM

We need to practice being comfortable creating and following through with the boundaries we set for ourselves, and we need to respect the boundaries others set for themselves instead of trying to rationalize and control their actions.

As time goes on, it is ok to reassess the boundaries you previously set for yourself and set new ones. Practice being comfortable and flexible with this.

Instead of talking yourself out of your anxiety, welcome it in and sit with it, you’ll notice it’s uncomfortable but it will dissipate and you can tolerate it.

“Low information diet”- limiting the amount of news feeds you look at so you can stay informed, while still giving yourself a break from how overwhelming the news is.

When we feel ourselves getting overwhelmed or our thoughts getting derailed, take deep breaths and bring yourself back to the moment. Practicing Mindfulness and incorporating meditation into your routine, even just two minutes, will improve your ability to notice your thoughts and bring them back.

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