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Parent Support Group

Claudia Camargo, LCSW-C leads an online parent support group for parents at home with school-aged children that are having challenges managing distance learning, boredom, or who are unsure about how to talk to their kids about COVID-19 without increasing or creating anxiety. The group will provide tools and support for parents on how to help themselves and their children adjust to the new normal. Claudia will be pulling interventions from the PCIT model as well as attachment theory. This group will take place on Monday evenings.

Emily Rizzo, LCPC/LPC leads an online parents of trans youth support group that meets once per month on Mondays from 6:45pm – 8:00pm. This is an open group where parents meet to talk about supporting a child during their gender exploration and/or transition. The group is co-run by Signey Olson, a nurse practitioner who specializes in hormone therapy, so that parents can receive medical support. This is a non-judgemental space and a place to exchange information and resources.