Minecraft Therapy Group

Kids bored at home? More depressed or irritable due to social isolation?

Consider our online therapy groups using the popular game, Minecraft.

Young folks naturally turn to online games as a way to connect and have fun, even when we’re not living through a pandemic. These spaces do offer the potential for meaningful connection, but often fall short because of toxic interactions and a lack of emotional depth. Our therapeutic offering seeks to leverage the engaging power of Minecraft, while paying close attention to group dynamics and fostering meaningful relationships among members.

This group will make use of the popular, open-world game, Minecraft, to provide a venue for a therapeutic group experience. Under the guidance of a skilled child therapist, group members will:

  • Forge meaningful peer connections
  • Combat depression and social isolation
  • Engage in reflective interpersonal processing
  • Have the opportunity to be leaders and exercise creativity
  • Overcome existential dread through meaningful engagement with others


  • Gameplay will take place on a private server (Realm) using the Java Edition of Minecraft
  • Ideal setup is a desktop or laptop computer with stable internet connection
  • Groups sessions will last two hours (likely Mondays 4-6pm)
  • The fee for this group is $100, reimbursable by insurance at out-of-network group therapy rate
  • Video chat will be used during the beginning and end of group sessions for planning and debriefing respectively. Audio chat will be used during gameplay.

All experience levels are welcome. Groups available for children 6-8 as well as 9-13. No experience with the game necessary.