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Mindfully Social Teen Group

Does your teen have trouble making and keeping friends? Do they struggle with both the social skills and the ability to handle it emotionally? This group is focused on teaching and experiencing social and interpersonal skills with an emphasis on virtual communication. Informed by the evidence-based PEERS® Intervention and DBT skills, teens will be engaged in direct instruction, skill rehearsal, and processing.

Topics include:

  • Conversational Skills
  • Choosing Appropriate Friends
  • Strategies for Handling Peer Pressure
  • Appropriate Use of Humor
  • Electronic and Virtual Communication
  • Handling Teasing, Bullying & Disagreements with Peers in person and online
  • How to acknowledge emotions and use coping skills to stay IN YOUR life and live the life you want

8 weekly session will occur on Monday’s 1:00PM-2:15PM July 6th through August 24th.

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