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David Christy

David Christy, LCSW-C, JD

Affiliated Therapist:

David Christy employs a relationship-driven approach to help clients live happier, more fulfilling lives. He draws on psychodynamic, humanistic and existential perspectives, and also incorporates CBT techniques. David works with individuals, groups and couples. His approach to couples is informed by training in the Gottman Method and Imago, as well as by the theories of Esther Perel and David Schnarch. David offers Discernment Counseling for couples in which one partner is considering divorce, but isn’t certain it’s the best path.

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David has experience helping clients process grief, loss, and trauma; increase self-acceptance; strengthen relationships; set boundaries, and achieve general life satisfaction. A large focus of his practice, cutting across issues ranging from anxiety to depression to trauma, involves helping clients develop empathy for themselves, increase self-acceptance and build lives that are a genuine expression of who they are: their values, wants, needs and, even (especially!), quirks.

David provides Career Counseling and Executive Coaching to clients at various life stages, from students struggling to find direction, to seasoned professionals changing careers or wrestling with job satisfaction and work-life balance. He applies a solution-focused approach to help clients define and achieve their goals, with an emphasis on further development of self, taking into account occupational and educational alternatives, and life-style and role considerations. David provides Executive Coaching to help senior leaders navigate sensitive matters that may be outside of their skill set, comfort level, expertise or experience. Coaching is a powerful process that helps
individuals and teams change to achieve results that extend beyond the clients to their families and organizations. David has the temperament, discretion and diplomacy needed to handle sensitive issues with powerful individuals who are used to being in control.

David’s clients benefit not only from his education and practice as a therapist, but also from his varied life experiences. In a previous career, David practiced international law, working primarily with foreign cultures. He was widely recognized for his expertise as a negotiator and litigator, and taught at several law schools, including Georgetown University Law Center, where he received awards for teaching. In addition,David has played and coached ultimate frisbee for decades, competing nationally and internationally at the high school, collegiate and open/pro levels. His background allows him to be especially useful to those considering a career change or struggling with performance or work/life balance.

David is a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, the National Association of Social Workers and the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work. He holds an MSW with a clinical focus from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, a JD from the University of Chicago Law School and a BA with majors in psychology, philosophy and political science from the University of Kansas.

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