Daniel Puchala

Daniel Puchala, LCPC, He/him/his
Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Parent Coaching

Mr. Puchala is an eclectic counselor, who uses an integrative counseling approach that blends a number of theories and techniques. At the core of his practice, is the principle that each client is unique, and deserves a highly customized treatment plan.

Other significant areas of his expertise are in stress management, relationship management, neuroscience, mindfulness-based approaches, psychopharmacology, developmental psychology, spirituality, and health psychology.

Mr. Puchala focuses on providing instruction for specific techniques that empower the client. Once an individual is empowered with some techniques to reduce their overall stress level, and to gain insight into the nature of their challenges, they often experience a reduction in overall suffering. In essence, technique and skill set development, preventative self-care, targeted lifestyle modification, and psycho-educational themes are all essential to his work with clients.

Mr. Puchala places emphasis on the client-therapist alliance. He believes that it is imperative to collaborate with the client to establish goals for the work to be done together, and for the client to see the Counselor as a part of a team effort to achieve results, because a counseling relationship requires openness to change and the cultivation of new perspectives in a safe, but exploratory way. He is also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

Mr. Puchala is committed to practicing unconditional positive regard for every client he works with, ultimately leading them towards a growth mindset. However, he meet clients where they are, and recognizes that each person is moving towards their goals at their own pace and in their own creative way. He seeks to help clients to accomplish their goals effectively, to be genuine, to manifest their true potential, and to find adaptive ways to thrive. He works with young children ages 4+, as well as offers career counseling.

Mr. Puchala has experience working with adults of all ages and with children, adolescents, and teens.

To book an appointment with Daniel Puchala, email [email protected] , or call us at 301-742-2282.