Covid 19

The Counseling Center Group® prioritizes the health and safety of our community, staff, and clients. Our current practices during COVID-19 are listed below:

  •  CCG provides telehealth services via HIPAA compliant platforms
  • Individual Therapy services are available in person or via telehealth, according to the client’s preference
  • Group Therapy services will continue via telehealth until further notice

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an added burden on individuals and families who are already experiencing a wide range of challenges. With added stress, health concerns, loss of employment, and virtual learning, we understand that families may be pushed to their breaking point. CCG can help relieve these seemingly overwhelming pressures experienced by families who have:

  • Full-time care-taking for young children
  • Middle and high schoolers having difficulty focusing with online classes and lack of social interaction
  • Home-bound college-aged and adult children who have their own schedules and routines
  • Aging parents, in-laws, or other relatives residing in the home who feel stressed by the pandemic’s health risks and living conditions

CCG is determined to help reduce family conflicts that have been exacerbated by COVID, so that families can be closer and more connected during these challenging times. Our therapists provide support and guidance for families searching for ways to end conflict and strengthen relationships for a more nurturing home environment.

Please call us at 888-604-6776 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists.