During this time it is natural to worry about your health and the health of others. Perhaps you are having a tough time with anxiety or social distancing. Human beings have the amazing ability to think about future events. 'Thinking ahead’ means that we can anticipate obstacles or problems, and gives us the opportunity to plan solutions. When it helps us to achieve our goals, ‘thinking ahead’ can be helpful. For example, hand washing and social distancing are helpful things that we can decide to do in order to prevent the spread of the virus. However, worrying is a way of 'thinking ahead' that often leaves us feeling anxious or apprehensive. When we worry excessively, we often think about wo

Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/27/20 Free Chat with CCM

*Focusing on the little things in life that we appreciate is helpful in dealing with the frustrations of this time *This time is difficult for extroverts, they must create opportunities to connect online *When others are constantly spouting a lot of negativity they are most likely very afraid, start by validating them and their feelings and gently suggest a different topic of conversation *find connection with that negative friend in humor, memes or funny you tube videos *focus on things that give you moments of pleasure, however small, making cookies, going on a grocery run for an elderly neighbor, taking photos of nature *staying positive all the time is really difficult, give yourself per

Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/25/20 Free Chat with CCM

-dreary weather, feeling more cooped up -use light box -Take a drive? Since the weather is bad -thinking to yourself about what you are going to do with the whole day is too overwhelming, chunking -trend of having so many things we want get done, then getting nothing done -one person getting motivated in your friend group has the affect of motivating others -free downloadable journal on CCM website, this will help raise the baseline of your general mood, includes self care, meditation, acts of kindness, a book we give to our clients you can download for free -in journaling its ok to have griping, but what you focus on you will get -When we have structure we have a way of getting everything d

Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/23/20 Free Chat with CCM

What’s working for you and what’s not? -whether or not to be surrogate teachers for children -how much time outside vs screen time?? -kids being isolated from their friends, parents needing to be more of a playmate, more role shifting -getting outside a couple of times a day is super helpful -How to draw boundaries between work and non work when you aren’t changing the physical environment, the work version of eating between meals, doing more work just because you can, and the normal boundaries you have set up don’t matter somehow -people are more productive during the day if they do a morning routine, shower, dress, breakfast…. Maintaining structure makes a big difference, keeps you from f

Social Connection Physical Distancing | Notes From 3/19/20 Free Chat with CCM

Differentiate physical distancing from social distancing. There is talk of fear and how to protect yourself physically, but not emotionally. Skill of using mindfulness. When you are feeling anxiety about the future, bring yourself back to the present moment. Stay in the present. Maintain routine exercise, eating healthy, while having patience with others. Everyone goes at this differently and you need to respect how each individually goes through this. May allow us to appreciate smaller things that we had, meeting with someone for coffee, etc. This may be an opportunity. There have been creative ways of people connecting with one another and taking care of one another. Living alone is partic


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