3 Types of Truths When It Comes to Values

As parents, we all hope to pass down our values to our children. We strive to raise them with a set of principles that we believe will guide them through life. But what happens when our children grow up and reject some of these values? How do we reconcile our own beliefs with those of our adult children?

Consider the stories of Charlie, Avery, and Logan, each with a child who has rejected some of their values. Charlie sees this as a failure in raising her child, or a sign that her own values are wrong. Avery believes in respecting others’ values and sees her child’s different values as unimportant. Logan, on the other hand, views values as evolving over time in response to changing circumstances, and sees her child’s values as a product of her own teachings and experiences.

Each of these perspectives reflects a different view of truth. Charlie’s view is absolute, Avery’s is relative, and Logan’s is dialectical. The truth, however, is that change is a constant, and our values are not immune to this.

As parents, it is important to recognize that our children will not always share our values, and that’s okay. Instead of clinging to absolutes or dismissing the importance of values altogether, we can adopt a dialectical view of truth that allows for the evolution of values over time.

This means respecting our children’s values, even if they differ from our own, and recognizing that our values are not fixed but are shaped by our experiences and the changing world around us. We can learn from our children’s values just as they learn from ours, and together we can continue to evolve and grow as individuals and as a family.

At the end of the day, change is a constant, and it is up to us to embrace it and adapt our values accordingly. As parents, we can model this process of evolution for our children, showing them that change is not something to be feared but something to be embraced.

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